A Day in the Life of a Chef in Training! What is it all about?

Hey guys! I’m Zarah, and welcome to: A Day in the Life of a Chef in Training! 🙂

I know the title is a little bit long, but it was the most creative thing I can think about. So, first of all, I’m just gonna introduce myself, I’m Zarah and I’m currently in college majoring in the Culinary Arts. I’ve always had in interest in writing and cooking since I was a little kid. Before wanting to be a chef, I actually wanted to be a journalist or a novelist, but soon enough, my passion and love for food won out and I chose the culinary path instead.

But through the years, I never forgot my love for writing; expressing myself through words and letting out my feelings on paper (or in this case a keyboard and a computer screen). That is the very reason why I started this blog. I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time, I just never had to time or the drive to actually make it. But I realized that this summer would be the perfect opportunity for me to make this blog happen. I am currently taking a Basic Pastry course which only takes out 3 days out of 7, which gives me enough time to write. So here I am starting a project that has been pushed off and delayed far too many times than I can admit.

The course has already started, but it’s only on this 3rd day. So the following posts (there will be a number following this) will be recaps of the first 3 days in the class. We already made some delicious pastries that I would love to share with you.

I also would like to mention that even if I am enrolled in and currently training for such a glamorous major, it does not mean that I get to eat glamorous meals everyday. I am still a college student who’s living within a budget, and I have eaten cup noodles more times than I want to admit. But that doesn’t mean I don’t cook food either. I do, just not as glamorous as one would think. I just cook and eat simple, basic, cheap things that a college kid can do with a strict budget. So, I might share those meals with you guys too! 🙂

So please, bear with me as I share with my daily adventures as I embark on my journey to become a chef someday! Thanks, and have a great time! 🙂

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