Kitchen Concoctions: Cream Puffs



So, today was the 3rd day of our basic pastry class and we made the classic Cream Puff. As many would people know, a cream puff is made from a pate choux and filled it with Creme Mousseline. So earlier today, that’s what we made, we made a huge batch of Pate Choux, Creme Mousseline, and we also learned how to made Creme Anglaise.

Today was the best day for me, and I have to say I didn’t enjoy the session as much as the first two. I was unfortunately partnered up someone who wasn’t the best in the class, so you can say I had a challenging time with everything today. Anwyay, the first thing we did was make the pate choux, which out of everything was the only thing we made without any complications. And of course, we had to pipe the pate choux, so of course I enjoyed doing that. Chef piped some for cream puffs, eclairs and cool looking swans, but he only made us do the cream puff ones.

After popping the dough in the ovens to bake, we made some creme anglaise, which I learned today, is the mother cream of sauces in pastry. It’s also the base for making ice cream! It’s basically a vanilla cream, and it tastes pretty good. We had to make the creme anglaise individually, and the first bump came when my partner overcooked hers, so it looked more like scrambled eggs. I tried telling her to stir faster and not let it clump, but she said her wrist was getting painful. But I did mine perfectly, so I was just glad I was able to do it, but it was unfortunate hers failed.

We also made some Creme Mousseline, which is the filling for the cream puffs. Another bump in the road, we over-whipped the cream so we had to redo the whole thing, by this time I had a gnawing feeling that Chef already hated us. Anyway, we redid the whole thing and it turned out nice this time around. We were already the last ones to pipe, so I was working triple my speed and piping as fast as I could. Topped it off with a sprinkle of powdered sugar,  plated it, presented it to chef and we were done.

The cream puff tasted just like a classic cream puff would. It had a nice and crispy outside and a smooth creamy inside that wasn’t too sweet. It was a nice balance of sweetness in the cream that would satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. All in all, it wasn’t too bad, everyone has their highs and lows. Unfortunately, today was a low for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get back up and do my best next time around. And trust me, I will do just that. I won’t let one bad day ruin my dream. So whenever you’re having a bad day, just remember that it doesn’t last forever. There’s always tomorrow, another chance to make it better! 🙂

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