Kitchen Concoctions: Coffee Buttercream Cake

Image(Coffee Buttercream cake)
So, today was day 4 of our basic pastry class, and we got to make a Coffee Buttercream Cake (as photographed above). Today was definitely an exciting one, especially since yesterday was so bad for me. I also enjoyed it so much because we piped a few of the rosettes on the cake, but we also got to decorate and cover the whole thing with buttercream. Let me just mention that I love everything about decorating, frosting, piping or anything to do with putting creams on a pastry.
We started the day making the cake itself, which was a Genoise. A genoise is an italian sponge cake, and is a basic building block for many french pastries. So that was the first thing in the agenda today, and it was a blast to make. I was partnered with Bea today, and she was so nice and awesome, and we worked perfectly together! Also, with the help of the trusty Kitchen Aid, making the batter for the cake was no problem, and no problems seemed to arise. We poured it in a cake ring that was wrapped with parchment paper and popped it in the oven to bake!
Image(Genoise after baking)
So while waiting for the cake to finish, we made the buttercream. We started making a classic egg yolk buttercream, just like we did for the daquise cake we made the other day. It was a simple enough task to do, and we were using the Kitchen Aid, as usual, so it went by easily. We whipped up the egg yolks in the bowl and added the rest of the ingredients to it, then voila! The egg yold buttercream was formed! When it was finished, we dissolved some coffee powder with water and added it to the mix, whipped it a bit more and then the plain buttercream turned into a Coffee Buttercream!
Image(Coffee Buttercream)
After those were done, we started building the finished product. We portioned the cake into 3 pieces, which was quite challenging. We had to cut it up evenly and as precise as we could, Bea and I did a fairly good enough job, so we were happy with it. But since a genoise is typically dry, we moistened it with a syrup mixture of equal amounts sugar and water with a bit of rum, and then we placed the buttercream on top. We kept doing that til the last layer, and then we covered the entire thing with the cream. We finished it off with roasted almonds and pipings of rosettes on top.
We got to taste the cake at the end of the class, and it was definitely a delight to eat. The cake itself was moist, light and fluffy; a perfect sponge cake if you ask me. And the buttercream was a perfect pair, with had the flavor of coffee, it was an enjoyable treat to the palate. The crunch of the roasted almonds were a good contrast  too, and added another jolt of flavour to the dish.

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