Kitchen Concotions: Daquise Cake


Hazelnut Dacquise Cake with Buttercream and fruits


Last week Wednesday, April 10, was the 2nd day of our pasty class. We made my now favourite cake ever, a Hazelnut Daquise Cake. For those unfamiliar with the said dessert, here’s a quick lesson on it. A daquise cake is a french dessert cake made up of layers of almond or hazelnut meringue and whipped cream or buttercream. Thanks to Wikipedia for this mini lesson!

So, as you may have probably realized by now, we made the Hazelnut dacquise as the base for our cake. It was pretty fun and chill making this, mostly because we used the help of the trusty Kitchen Aid and we stood back and let it do its magic. After making the dacquise mixture, me and my partner (we work by pairs) piped it into a cake ring on top of a tray with SilPat. I’ve always had a thing for piping, and it will always be on of my favourite things to do in the kitchen. Piping anything from cupcakes to decorating cakes or makaing cream puffs, I will love doing it. So, piping in the mixture was such a delight to me.

While baking the dacquise, we made some French Meringue, which meant MORE PIPING! Whooop. Needless to say, I enjoyed making the meringues. Chef made us do a variety of styles, from the traditional “kisses” that looks like huge white kisses and the mushroom, which had two parts. We piped in the head of the mushroom which was just a dollop and fairly easy to do. Then we had to make the stem, which was a bit of a challenge since it was going upwards. But it was fun to make, so no complaints here. I didn’t get to take a photo though since I felt stupid taking out my iPad in the middle of the class and snapping away.

After everything was done and int he oven, we made the buttercream, with the help of the trust Kitchen Aid. After everything was done, we put the whole cake together. Brushed on a thin layer of chocolate to protect the cake from the buttercream’s moisture, piped (YAY MOAR PIPING) the buttercream on top of it, and then decorated the piece with fruits.

When we got to taste the cake, it blew my mind. Knowing that it was a meringue mixture, I expected the complete opposite of what I got when I bit into it, I wasn’t at all like a meringue. The outside mimicked a meringue’s outer layer, but the inside was nice and soft and cake-like. So that was a pleasant surprise for me. The hazelnut flavour was also prominent and delicious. The fruits added a splash of color and an added sweetness to the cake as well. 🙂

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