Meal of the Day: Chahan + Chasyu!


So, tonight I had dinner with my friend China and were able to eat dinner at the restaurant called Ramen Bar, a japanese ramen restaurant near our school. It was a short 5-minute walk from the school and since we were hungry, it was convenient for us. We also get out of class pretty late in the night, so dinner is always a nice plus for us.

Since I used to come to this restaurant almost everyday, the sever recognized me almost immediately. The petite server gave me a friendly smile as we proceeded inside to sit down. She came over and started taking our orders, and also stayed for a chat and some friendly banter with us. She was really nice and was genuinely interested in us, and giving us awesome service!

She took our orders and already knew what I was getting, which was the Chahan, which was a friend rice with egg, tiny pieces of pork, topped with spring onions & toasted garlic. I also added a Chasyu to the order, which was thinly sliced pieces of pork in a bed of sauce, topped with spring onions and a dollop of japanese mayo on the side. China on the other hand ordered the Yakiniku Beef Rice Topping, which was Yakiniku beef on top of steaming white rice.


Chahan, (front) Chasyu, (middle) & Yakiniku Beef Rice Topping (back)

The Chahan was delicious as always, and always satisfied my growling stomach. The food came to us piping hot which is a good sign that it came straight out of the fire.The portions were also big, so it definitely made me full. The Chasyu was soft and tender and fell apart the moment I tried to pick it up. I ordered an dollop of japanese mayo, since it went so well together. My dinner was pretty good, and I definitely missed eating at this restaurant.

After dinner, China & I decided to head over to Sol Gelato, which sold a variety of gelato flavours. It was kinda pricey, but since I really craved for one, I decided to get their Salted Caramel flavour. It was nice, it wasn’t the best, but it was pretty good. All in all that was a good meal!


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