Daily Blog: Yummy Macarons and Funny Chefs

So, this is the first daily blog I’m making. This is just gonna be a post about my day, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be food related. From the previous post, you can tell that I had a good time in class, and we made a the Raspberry Mousse Cake. It was a lot of fun and for some reason, the whole class got hyper at the end of the day. I think the camaraderie and the friendships were forming and we were getting more comfortable withe each other. Or maybe because we were bored waiting for the mousses to set and got hyper from the chocolate.

Earlier in the day though, I got to taste French Macarons made by my classmate Bea, who’s behind Bellefleur by Beatrix. My friend China ordered 3 flavors which were Salted Caramel, Cherry Almond and Red Velvet, because she was nice, she made me taste it! I only got to taste the Salted Caramel and Cherry Almond though, but they were delicious. I personally have a hard time with macarons and I can never get them perfectly, but Bea’s macarons were perfection. They tasted so wonderful, and I can’t get enough of them.
After pastry lab, we went straight to theory or lecture class. The chef that was in charge of lecture is so hilarious and we always have a good laugh in that class. Even if it’s so late at night, I don’t mind and I still have a good time. It’s nice seeing him in such good spirits too, since I used to only see him as this scary, strict chef that always screams at us in lab. But he really is nice, and is easily becoming one of my favourite chef instructors in school, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t scary when he’s mad.

After class, China and I headed to Ramen Bar to grab dinner. We’re always hungry after class since we’ve been in class the whole afternoon til night. It was nice just sitting down and chilling and just chatting away. The server in the restaurant was nice too and I liked talking to her! So, all in all, that was my day. Had a long tiring, busy day, but I still have fun. If you’re doing what you really love to do, you’ll never get tired of it. 🙂

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