Kitchen Concoctions: Raspberry Mousse Cake


Raspberry Mousse & Cottage Cheese Mousse glazed with Paradise Ganache


So, today was such a tiring, busy but fun day! We made a few number of things in class, so we were a bit busy running around and folding and whipping things. Our finished product today was the Fruit Flavoured Mousse glazed with a Paradise Ganache. There were 2 types of mousse in the cake we made, which was the Raspberry Mousse and the Cottage Cheese Mousse. We also made a Joconde cake as the base of the entire dessert.

The first thing we did for the day was to make the Joconde, which was a very thin almond sponge cake. This will be used as a lining or a base for the cake, so we had to make it first. Today I was partnered with China and Maryam, and we got to get the whole 2 back stations for ourselves! There were two parts to the cake batter that needed whipping, so we got access to two mixers, which made us work so much more faster than the rest. After whipping and mixing and folding in the needed ingredients, we poured it on top of a tray with SilPat and spread it out into a thin layer and baked it.


Joconde after baking

The next thing we did was to make the first mousse layer which was the Cottage Cheese Mousse. Since there was 3 of us in the group, it was easy for us to work and do lots of things at once. So while China and Maryam worked on the mousse, I started assembling the cake. I cut out a ring from the joconde & trimmed it a bit, wrapped the bottom of the cake ring in cling wrap, slid in an acetate ring and popped the joconde ring in the center. After the mousse was done, we poured it on the cake ring and put it in the blast freezer to set.


Cottage Cheese Mousse after pouring (Joconde is underneath)

While that was setting, we got to work on the next layer, which was the Raspberry Mousse. Now to make this mousse, cream had to be whipped and added to the mixture and Chef decided it would be fun for us to make the whipped cream by hand. Now, today wasn’t the first time I’ve whipped cream manually, and I’ve always had mixed feelings about doing it. I mean, I feel accomplished and awesome that I can do it, and it’s fun to do it as well, but I also hate it because it’s so tiring. But we had to do it manually so China and I took turns whipping the cream til it was good enough. Then we folded it into the mixture and poured the whole thing on top of the cottage cheese mousse when it set. We then put it back to the blast freezer and let the 2nd layer set.


Raspberry Mousse


Raspberry Mousse cake after it set

After the whole cake set and wasn’t all liquid-y anymore, we took it out and removed the acetate and the cake ring (as photographed above). It was so pretty looking I kinda didn’t want to do anything and just leave it at that. But, we still had to glaze the whole cake with paradise ganache, which I don’t have complaints. CHOCOLATE IS ALWAYS GOOD FOR YOU. So, we did exactly that, we went and glazed the entire thing with chocolate ganache, and doing that was awesome. The chocolate spilled over to the sides of the cake, and it dripped down and it looked so pretty. We added more chocolate til the whole thing was covered entirely with it. After that, we were done! 🙂


China glazing the cake

We also made another dessert, which was a Bavarian Cream dome thing, I didn’t get the name of it from Chef. But it was 3 layers of different flavoured bavarian creams (vanilla, coffee and chocolate) and a small circle of jaconde at the bottom. Sadly, it didn’t set before the class ended, so we didn’t get to see the finished result, neither did we get to taste it. But we did get to taste the Raspberry Mousse Cake, and it was scrumptious. It had a consistency of a baked cheesecake, and the chocolate was a perfect complement to the two mousses. All in all, it was a fun session and by the end we were all a tad bit hyper and ate some delicious cake!


Joconde mini rings for the bavarian cream cake


Pouring the Coffee Bavarian Cream into the mold


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