Daily Blog: An Uneventful Day

So, today I didn’t have any class at all, so I didn’t have to worry about going to school and getting ready. Also, I didn’t get a chance to make any dessert or pastries today. Actually, today was a pretty relaxing day, and I got a chance to just be alone for the whole day and study and watch a few movies and read.

Started out today with my dad gone and I had the condo all to myself. I had a chance to just relax and lay in bed for an hour or so, and just chill out. Since I dont have class for the next 4 days, I decided to paint my nails a nice pastel blue color. It was a polish by Color Club and it’s called “Take Me To Your Chateau” and it’s one of my absolute favourites this summer. It’s such a nice shade of blue and definitely fits into the summer.


Take Me To Your Chateau by Color Club

I also spent a good amount of my day studying for theory class since Chef mentioned we were gonna have a chapter test this Monday  I spent most of the morning reading through my notes and leafing through them trying to remember what I learned. We were also told that on Tuesday, we were gonna have our midterms for lab class, so I also fixed my notes and recipes for that class. I’m always anxious about midterms because you never know what you’re going to get until you get to the kitchen. So, I spend a lot of my morning just leafing through notes.


Theory/lecture class notes

After all of that, I decided to watch the latest episodes of the MTV show, Awkward. I’ve been a follower of the series and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve also been waiting for its return, so it being back on air is exciting. Oh, and I will forever be on Team Matty! If you watch the show, tell me what you think! I also decided to watch the movie Identity Theif, starring Jason Bateman & Melissa McCarthy. It was such a hilariously good movie, and Melissa McCarthy never disappoints. I recommend this movie to you guys if you want to watch a good comedy!


Identity Theif & Awkward

Spent the afternoon on the computer and surfing the web. It was such a lazy day and I didn’t really feel like cooking anything today, besides the fried chicken I made for brunch. Since I’m taking up pastry this summer which mean LOTS OF SUGAR AND BUTTER, I decided to go on the after 6 diet, which restricts me to eat after 6. But I only get to do this on the days I don’t have class because on Mondays through Wednesdays, I don’t get out til 9 PM. So since I didn’t have class today, I had dinner at 6. I didn’t want to cook, so I decided to crack open the Japanese tuna that one of my parent’s friends gave me and ate it with bread. It was pretty good, just plain tuna in oil. So, yeah, that’s my uneventful day, hope you guys have a good one! 🙂


The Japanese Tuna I ate


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