Daily Blog: Salisbury Steak and Louis XV!

Hello guys!

So today was a really fun day for me! One of my best friends, Nikka, came over to the condo and decided to stay for 2 nights. We spent most of the morning just in bed, eating the popcorn I bought yesterday and talking about random things. When late afternoon rolled around, we decided to dress up and be girly for the day and head out to find some place to eat.

Nikka & I's outfit of the day!

 We ended up deciding to eat at a restaurant called Sweat Pea. It’s such a nice and quaint restaurant and their tag line read, “The Chef’s Kitchen”. It’s a nice, cozy, quaint little restaurant with quirky pieces littered around the place. One side was a brick wall adorned with vintage frames that held drawings of cakes and sundaes. The place had an American diner feel to it, and they served typical American comfort food. The restaurant’s ambiance was one of the main factors of why we were attracted to the restaurant, aside from the scrumptious food they serve.


Vintage frames on the wall


Nikka and I ordered from their Sweet Deals menu, which is only available from 2-5PM and much cheaper than their regular menu. Nikka got the Grilled Liempo and I ordered the Salisbury Steak, both dishes were served with a side of rice and buttered vegetables. I also ordered the Bacon Cheese Fries from their regular menu as an appetizer. The Salisbury Steak was served to me medium rare and it tasted so fresh and delicious. The beef tasted really good and the gravy that came with it complemented the meat well. The fries were crispy and cooked well, and the cheese, like always, was heaven in sauce form, and the bacon was nice and crispy and was just absolutely delicious.


Bacon Cheese Fries


Salisbury Steak served with Rice & Buttered Vegetables

 We decided to end the night by heading over to Restaurant 101 to have some dessert. Resto 101 is the application restaurant of Enderun Colleges and is heralded as one of the country’s best restaurant of 2012. It’s menu showcases traditional French cuisine and serves some mouthwatering food. We ordered one of their famous and their most delicious dessert, the Louis XV. It’s composed of the hazelnut dacquise fuelletine, praline, and chocolate mousse, then covered entirely with the paradise ganache and garnished with an edible gold leaf.


Louis XV


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