Daily Blog: Church + Banapple!

Hello guys!
So, today was a fun Sunday for me. The day went well, we went to church, got some pretty good dinner and had a nice walk. Today was also the first time I sat down and actually watched The Voice, and I really do like it. I don’t know why I never watched it before. Anyway, we started the day our Sunday by going to church and hearing sunday worship. I go to Victory Fort, which is part of the Every Nation group. Every Nation is a worldwide family of churches and ministries that exists to honor God. They hold services at 8AM, 10AM, 12PM, 2PM, 4PM & 6PM. 🙂


Victory Fort at night

After church, we decided to head over to Banapple to have some lunch/dinner. I have always loved Banapple, and they serve some excellent food. Their decor was so whimsical, and it’s such a cute, quaint little restaurant. My favourite spot in the place is the back area, where they built somewhat of a little room that was painted pink and had drawings of pies and cupcakes framed on the wall. They also had some charming chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, the whole room looked so girly and perfect.


Bannaple’s quaint little room


A different view of the room

There were 4 of us who ate there; me, my dad, Nikka and her friend Louise. I ordered the Salpicao Radael, dad got the Chicken Breast Parmigiano and both Nikka and Louise decided on the Bacon Fried Chicken Steaks with Milk’shroom Gravy. The salpicao was delicious and it was soft and tender, and it’s just one of my favourite dishes to order whenever I eat at Banapple. They also have big servings so I’m always full when I eat there.


Salpicao Rafael


Chicken Breast Parmigiano


Bacon Chicken Steak with Milk’shroom Gravy

For dessert, since they ran out of their famous Banoffee Pie, we all shared their Santa’s Chipper Pie, which had chocolate mousse in it and their whipped cream on top, and their Super Caramel Fudge Cake. It was basically a chocolate cake with one of the best caramel sauce I’ve ever eaten. If you have a major sweet tooth like I do, you would love this cake. It was a hard choice though, since all the cakes on display looked so good, but we did not regret our decision.


Santa’s Chipper Pie


Super Caramel Fudge Cake


Today’s cake display

After dinner, Louise went home and the rest of us decided to take a walk in High Street. It’s a long strip of different stores and restaurants, and it also serves as a park. Since it was a pet-friendly park, numerous people bring their dogs there every week and it’s always a sight to see. So many adorable dogs walk around, some dressed up and some have cute little shoes on. There’s also a few Siberian Huskies around, which is one of my top picks for a dog. Walking around was nice and helped us digest the huge meal we had early on. So yeah, that was all that my day was. Had a fun time in church, a really good meal after and we got to see some lovely dogs. All in all, I think my day went pretty well.


A group of Siberian Huskies in the park


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