Kitchen Concoctions: Christmas Log!

Hello guys! So, for today’s session, we made a Christmas Log. Okay, I know what you guys are thinking, but it’s not even Christmas yet, but be reminded that I don’t choose what dishes to make. Also, I’m taking the fast track course for the summer, and on a normal semester, making this would usually fall on Christmas time. Although, I don’t know what’s so Christmas-y about chocolate cake, but I guess it is.

The first thing we did was the Sacher biscuit, which was the cake roll itself. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo, me and my teammates’ hands were a bit full at that time. For the second time, I was part of a 3 person team, this time with Jasmin and Carol. They were really easy to work with and they were really nice as well. The second part of the cake was the filling and the frosting, which was a Chocolate Buttercream with a Creme Anglaise base. We had to make a creme anglaise and whip in the butter to make the buttercream. We had some problems though, seeing that our buttercream split while whipping, and so did most of the class. But, we continued on and eventually, it turned out well.


Chocolate Buttercream with Creme Anglaise base

Today, we also made a Dark Chocolate Mousse. This variation didn’t have any gelatin in it, it only had chocolate, cream, egg yolks and sugar. Making it was fairly easy, but we did something wrong along the way that we had little chips or tiny chunks of chocolate in our mousse. Although that happened, it was still delicious. After making it, we chilled it to harden a bit and later on plated it quenelle shaped on a plate. The whipped cream that we used for the mousse was also whipped manually today. And as I mentioned before, I still have mixed feelings for it. I love doing it, but it’s so tiring at the same time.


Manually whipped cream


Quenelle shaped Dark Chocolate Mousse

At the end of the class, Chef brought out the Bavarian Cream desserts that we made last week and weren’t able to try. He made us taste it and it was pretty delicious. It had 3 layers of 3 different flavoured Bavarian creams, Vanilla, Coffee and Chocolate. We also got to taste the Christmas Log; the cake was moist, because we brushed it with a simple syrup before placing the buttercream. It was also so chocolate-y and as a chocolate lover, I died. And despite the difficulties we had making the buttercream, it turned out pretty good and quite delicious. So today might have had some fails, but we learned new things because of it! Today wasn’t all that bad, and frankly, I’m thankful for the mistakes. Now we’re equipped with more knowledge and we know what to do if ever the dishes fails if we decided to try it on our own. New things to learn everyday! Another fun thing about today is that we got to bring home the cake we made, so happy tummy and smiles for everyone!


Frozen Bavarian Cream dessert


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