Kitchen Concoctions: White , Rye & Country Bread!


White, Rye and Country Bread

Day 8
Hello guys! So, I know I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday. We didn’t really have an actual class, it was our midterms and I had to make Cream Puffs & a Genoise cake. I did good enough, and I passed the laboratory midterms! YAY.

Anyway, moving on to today, we made breads in class today! Specifically, we made White, Rye and Country Breads. I was actually so excited for this session, mainly because I love making bread. Other people may think it’s such a hassle and it’s tiring and hard to make bread by hand, but I actually really enjoy it. I love kneading the dough and feeling it on my hands as I make something from scratch. It gives me joy seeing flour, water and yeast turn into dough and eventually turn into bread.

What I love the most is the fact that you can be brutal with your dough. You can slam it, it’s actually encouraged to do that, and just go crazy. It’s a good way to let out your frustrations on, hahaha. For today, I was partnered with China again! We were tasked to make White bread and Rye bread. We mixed and kneaded the dough and made it into a ball and let the dough’s rest. After the first rest, we pre-shaped the dough into balls and it was so much fun making them, and I felt like I was playing with clay dough! Hahaha. After that we let it rest again!


Pre-shaped dough. Rye bread dough (left) & White Bread dough (right)


After resting, it was finally time to shape the dough. The huge ball of white bread was made into a baguette, and the little balls were turned into batards. For the rye dough, we made batards from both the big and small balls. It was so much fun shaping the dough and it felt like we were just playing around. The difference though is that for the rye bread, we put a thin layer of bran on top. After giving them their final shape, we slid them into the proofing box, which is a warm cupboard-like space underneath the ovens. We kept them there until all the dough doubled in size.


Batards; Rye bread (with bran & White bread (plain ones)




Chef also showed us how to shape a Rye Roll and a Challah bread. I managed to get a video of chef making the Challah. It’s so interesting because Chef’s basically braiding the bread and he does it in such cool and complex manner. Well, all of us in the class thought it was awesome so I thought I’d share it with you guys! I do apologize beforehand for the shakiness!

So after all the dough was proofed and doubled in size, we popped it in the oven at 200 degrees for at least 30 minutes. What came out was beautifully browned and baked bread. It smelled so amazing, just like a fresh baked bread would. It had such a nice crust and it was so soft inside. I have always loved eating bread, and when it just came out of the oven and still warm, it’s just the best. We also asked chef if we could have some butter with it, and he said yes! So we got a mini snack at the end of the class. So yeah, it was such a fun and awesome day today. I had such a good time in class today, and it was one of the best days we’ve had!


Rye and White Bread Batards (by China & I)


Challah (front), Rye Rolls (middle), Rye Batards (back)


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