My Childhood in a Container!

Mr. Bean's Chilled Taho

Mr. Bean’s Chilled Taho

A few weeks ago, this store opened up in the mall near my condo. When I first saw the sign for it, it never really caught my attention enough for me to go to the store itself. I mean, the little bean cartoon was adorable and cute, but it never really urged me to go and buy their food. Although I loved taho & i heard really good reviews about it, i didn’t immediately go and try their product. It took me about a week after the initial opening day ’til I decided to go and try Mr. Bean’s famous chilled taho.

I was sitting beside my friend in class who bought the warm taho and the smell of it was so deliciously good that I had to rush to go buy some the moment class ended. And boy, that was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. You’re probably wondering what is this Taho I’m rambling on and on about.

 Well, Taho is a Philippine snack food that’s made of soy or bean curd, and usually served with a sweet syrup called arnibal, and sago pearl (similar to tapioca pearls). As a child growing up, we had peddlers selling this treat early in the morning and I would go buy mug-fulls of this delicious treat. It was always fun mixing the white soy, syrup & pearls together and sipping it with a straw or spooning it in my mouth.

Since that first day I tried Mr. Bean’s Chilled Taho, I’ve gone and bought it almost everyday now. I think the employees know my face by now. Earlier today, I went and bought another container (surprise, surprise) and reveled in the happiness that I was about to eat such a deliciously healthy treat. Usually, I would get just the taho with pearls, but today I decided to try their caramel fudge.

Chilled Taho with Pearls & Caramel Fudge

Chilled Taho with Pearls & Caramel Fudge


Chilled Taho without everything on top

It’s a bit different from your traditional taho that you have to mix the syrup and bean curd together; this variation has no syrup at all. At first I thought that’s weird and it will probably be bland, but I was happily surprised to find out, it was perfectly sweet and not over the top. The taho itself was creamy and silky and simply divine to eat. As mentioned before, you don’t even need the sweet syrup to add flavor, it can be eaten on it’s own and it will still taste good. The sago (tapioca pearls) were your normal pearls that’s pretty much served everywhere. If you’re a milk tea fan, then you know what these are and know how they taste like. The caramel fudge was nice, it was a bit thick, but it tasted good. It didn’t blow my mind, but I did think it tasted good.  Also, their serving is pretty big and it’s definitely worth the money. It wasn’t that expensive either, it only cost 45php without anything, 10php for the pearl, and 20php (which i think was a bit much) for the caramel fudge.

Mr. Bean's storefront

Mr. Bean’s storefront

The store itself was small, but it was nice and cozy. The moment you opened the door, you can smell the pancakes (they sold pancakes as well) that were cooking. The whole aroma of the place was just like, “COME IN AND BUY OUR FOOD CAUSE THEY SMELL GOOD.” Well, that’s what I got anyway. It was a small place, but they made it work! So anyway, I had a pretty good treat earlier today and did not regret buying and eating taho! I felt like I was a little kid again eating my favourite childhood treat!

 I rate this: 8/10 ❤


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