We forgot to put the cheese!

Hey guys! So earlier today, at kitchen lab we made a Cheese & Potato Pie. During demo, when our chef was showing us what we were going to do for the day, it seemed like an easy enough recipe. We needed to make the dough, the filling, the sauce and fry up a tiny quail egg for garnish. I was quite pleased with how calm today’s kitchen session was. I wasn’t as stressed as I’ve been the past few weeks, and I was so thankful for the change of pace, since our chef’s rotated today and we got a new, much nicer chef!

Moving on to the dish, making the dough was easy. All we did was dump the all the ingredients into the food processor and slowly add the liquid until you get the proper consistency. Then, you just dump it all out and knead it for about 2 minutes, then wrap it, rest it in the fridge for an hour and roll it out when it’s needed. The we made the filling, which we just basically thickened our milk, cream, potatoes, and a few other choice ingredients until it was REALLY thick, then we cooled it down. For the sauce, we started with our liquid base and blended it with parsley leaves, strained it, heated it up, added a dollop of whipped cream and we were done.

After everything was cooked, we assembled the pie in cute tiny little rings. We filled it up with the really delicious filling, covered it up, brushed on some egg wash and baked it. After a few minutes, we took em out and they were a gorgeous golden brown and they looked absolutely scrumptious!

Pies fresh from the oven

The entire pie was just delicious. The dough after being baked was nice and crisp on the outside, but was still soft on the inside. The filling was a savory piece of deliciousness wrapped in a golden brown case. Sadly though, when my partner (Hazel) and I checked our pies, we realized WE FORGOT TO PUT THE BRIE CHEESE IN. I was so sad, but when I tasted it, it was still pretty damn good . Although, our pie was technically just a potato pie, since we didn’t have a hint of cheese in it. After taking them out of the oven, we plated one of the pies for chef to check. We tried to copy what our chef did during the demo, and I think we made it look pretty good. We also put the yolk of a fried quail egg on top for garnish.

I think our plate looked good, do you guys think so too? Sadly, the sauce that we made didn’t really have that much whipped cream in it so we didn’t have as much marbling effect. But I still think we did a bang up job in plating that dish. The egg on top looked so cute too, so I think we did alright.

On another note, a few weeks ago, I bought this huge container of Animal Crackers and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. They taste good and they’re a much better alternative for snacking instead of those unhealthy chips we all love to eat. But, if you look at them closely and actually see what animal you might’ve gotten from the pile, you realize that the thing you’re holding looks NOWHERE NEAR an animal. It looks more like a blob most of the time. But today, we actually found a cracker that resembled the animal it’s supposed to be. It was a camel animal cracker, and I thought it looked cool, so I wanted to share it with you guys.

Food rating: 9/10!


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