The Royal Touch + Hielo


The Royal Touch Gourmet Cupcakes display

Last Saturday, mom and I decided to head over to the new(ish) mall in town, SM Aura Premiere. We live pretty near, so it wasn’t hard for us to get there. We wanted to watch a movie and we haven’t really tried watching a movie in SM Aura’s cinema, we decided to watch a movie there. But before the movie, I was getting a bit hungry since it was past lunch time and I haven’t eaten yet, we decided to try the cupcakes at The Royal Touch Gourmet Cupcakes at the LG floor of the mall. I’ve passed by the store quite a few times already and it’s interior looked so inviting and interesting that I HAD to check out their offerings. But since we were planning to watch a movie, we decided to order it to go. There were 4 available flavors that day, so I went with the Royal Green Tea Cupcake, since I love anything with Green Tea in it.

I got the cupcake in a baby blue square box with the store’s logo printed on top. It was easy to open, and I was glad to find that inside there was a cut out to hold the cupcake so it doesn’t move around while I walk and the frosting doesn’t go all over the place. It was encased in an adorable liner adorned with little pink flowers. The cupcake was moist and you can taste the green tea, although I wouldn’t mind more of it. The frosting was nice and fluffy, tasting a bit like sweet cherries and it was topped with some caramel crunch. I liked the cupcake, I thought it tasted good, and I would recommend people to buy it. It’s not the best I’ve tasted, but it’s definitely worth coming back to. It’s pretty reasonably prices as well, each cupcake costs 75php, cheaper than some cupcakeries out there. But they also offer more than just cupcakes, they serve an array of teas, cakes, puddings & coffee as well. Here’s the menu if you want to give it a look.

The Royal Touch cupcake box

The Royal Touch cupcake box

Royal Green Tea Cupcake

Royal Green Tea Cupcake

After passing through the cupcakery, mom & I headed upstairs to the cinemas where we watched the latest Marvel superhero movie, “The Wolverine” and I wrote a sort of review of the film here (if you’re interested in that). After watching the film, we headed to SM Aura’s high end food court, Four on Four and decided to get lunch/dinner. I haven’t eaten the entire day, if you don’t count the cupcake, so I was pretty hungry by then. But before we could reach a food stall, we passed by a newly opened drink stall/bar(?). It caught my eye since its logo was glowing right at my face and plus, it was new & I haven’t seen it before. It was called Hielo, and they served a variety of drinks from fruit infusions, tea infusions and even spiked (read: alcoholic) infusions.

Hielo's menu

Hielo’s menu

But what really caught my attention is the concept of the whole thing. They sell you a variety of juices, but instead of serving it with regular ice, they have flavored ice that adds an extra umph to your drink. I think that’s a smart idea, and it introduces something new to the table. Since obviously, I was so curious and interested on how it tastes like, I went and ordered a drink.  They had 10 drinks on their menu and because I have a fickle mind, I didn’t know what to order. Good thing the owner was there so she came over and suggested their best sellers. I ended up settling for their Lemon Mint Iced Tea, and my mom decided to get the Tahitian Cooler. It was nice since you can see the inside of the stall and you can see the people actually making your drink. They also use fresh ingredients to make their drinks, which is always a plus in my book.

The drinks came and I was so excited to see how they taste like, and I was happy with them. I thought they were refreshingly delicious. The Lemon Mint Iced Tea was black tea infused with mint leaves and served with lemon & mint ice. The ice really helped pump up the flavor, and they mixed perfectly well together in my mouth. I also tasted the Tahitian Cooler which had mangoes, calamansi juice, ginger ale & mango ice in it. The drink was good, and if you like ginger, you’ll like this drink. They use fresh ginger and fresh mangoes in it and ginger ale is poured in after the mixing process. The ginger really stood out, but it wasn’t overpowering the mangoes either, they were just there complementing each other well. It was a nice, bubbly, summery, refreshing drink. Although it’s not the cheapest beverages you’ll find, but considering its location and ingredients, i think it’s a reasonable price range.

Lemon Mint Iced Tea (left) & Tahitian Cooler (right)

Lemon Mint Iced Tea (left) & Tahitian Cooler (right)

Lemon Mint Iced Tea (90php)

Lemon Mint Iced Tea (90php)

Tahitian Cooler (110php)

Tahitian Cooler (110php)

All in all, I rate both places 8/10. They were both very enjoyable and worth the money I (my mom) shelled out. I recommend both if you wanna try out something new and delicious. If you’ve tried any of the above, comment down below what you think about them. 🙂

Til next time, God Bless y’all! xx


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