Yabu: The House of Katsu


*I do apologize, I haven’t written/posted anything in months. I had some issues with my laptop and had such a hectic schedule. So forgive me and don’t burn me at the stake! Have a happy reading! 🙂

Last Tuesday, I headed over to school to enroll myself in my 2nd semester of junior year. I went there pretty early, so I didn’t get a chance to get some breakfast in me. So by lunch time, I was pretty hungry and in badly need of food shoved into my tummy. Thankfully, my friend pulled was able to pull some strings and finished doing her enrollment early (even is she arrived like 2 hours after me lol) and we decided to head out.

My friend China is considered as my Food Trip Buddy. This is because every single time we hang out we end up eating, and we end up eating A LOT. So, anyway, since I haven’t been to Yabu in the entirety of its existence, we decided to take a cab to SM Aura and eat at the Yabu branch there. At the door, we were greeted by friendly faces and lead by the hostess to our table.  I had mixed feelings about our table, it was situated beside the window overlooking the mid-construction Serendra beside the mall. the space we had was pretty small and beside the cashier, so I felt a little bit cramped. But, I did appreciate the extra space to put my bag in the window ledge.


The sweet sesame sauce I experimented on

Once seated, were were greeted by our server, Cara; she friendly and nice and helped me get through their menu. Since it was my first time, and I have such a fickle mind, I had the hardest time picking what to order. I ended up getting the Original Chicken Katsudon, and I was pretty happy with that decision. While waiting for our food to arrive, another served gave us a small bowl of sesame seed we were told to crush with a small pestle. I had a fun time crushing those tiny black seeds and having their aroma come through. He also told us we can add their sweet sauce to the sesame seeds for us to dip our meat in later. I wanted to have a bit of a kick in my food so I looked to the condiments in front of me and basically experimented with all the spicy additions and added them into my bowl. It tasted okay, but still didn’t have the kick I was looking for so I gave up.


A hispter shot of the condiments

The condiments they had 3 different dressings, Sesame Dressing, Wasabi Dressing and Katsu Dressing. Beside it is a container of pink salt, which I found interesting. And a line of condiments to make it hotter, chili powder, chili oil and japanese pepper. So anyway, after a few minutes, the food came and the portions were definitely more than enough. The chicken was delicious and sooo tender, i had to try cutting it with my chopsticks and they did not disappoint. Although, the rice was a bit too wet for us, it still tasted good. The order also came with cabbage, which I loved, Miso soup, japanese pickles and a small bowl of pineapples. The meal was pretty good too, considering that basically everything but the meat is unlimited, so if you’re a big eater, you will definitely enjoy the place.


Original Chicken Katsudon


Cabbage and Miso Soup

I definitely enjoyed eating at Yabu, and after the meal ended, I was so full I could barely get up. That to me is an indication of a good meal and a good time. Our meal cost just under 700php, which wasn’t that bad considering the portion sizes and the quality of food. I would have no problem shelling out 350++ php at this place knowing that I’ll get my money’s worth.


Me excited to try Yabu!


China & I after eating

I rate Yabu a 9/10 and would recommend it to anyone who would listen. I had a good time with my friend, and we enjoyed the ambiance and the most importantly the food. We got our money’s worth and did not regret a single second of my experience! You can check out their menu here.


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